Author Topic: Doesn’t there seem to be a lot more Veterans issues today?  (Read 1275 times)

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Doesn’t there seem to be a lot more Veterans issues today?
« on: April 01, 2012, 05:09:22 PM »
Doesn’t there seem to be a lot more Veterans issues today, which were never there before? Not really

Although at first glance most people would say yes, there is really only one new issue facing Canadian Veterans and that is the New Veterans Charter (NVC), and how it virtually eliminated long standing, life long Veterans disability pensions all together, there have however been many more non related stories in the news and on social media like Facebook. Even though the enacting of the NVC may well have been the straw which broke the camels back and there by waken Veterans up, it is not the cause in many cases.

No one today explains to a Veteran what their rights are. Mind you they haven’t for going on 70 years now, but Veterans are waking up and finally realizing that they are (excuse my language) being screwed over. Canadians have from, well forever been told that Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is an independent Department of the Government, that the Veterans Review and Appeals Board (VRAB) are independent from VAC and the Government, that the Veterans Pension Advocates are independent the VAC, VRAB and the Government and that the Royal Canadian Legion is also independent from all the rest.

In reality; if Government does not recognize or give permission for a service injury or method of injury to be covered, VAC can’t award a pension for that injury. Some prime examples of that are Chemical Defoliants used in CFB Gagetown, DU,  Burn pits, Gulf War Syndrome and our nuclear Veterans. Then if there is no mandate in the VAC to award a pension for a given injury, both the Review process and Appeals Board are not authorized to give one either. Basically if you ask for a Review and there after an Appeal, if the Government hasn’t said we agree, you have wasted you time, money and effort going through a process while being made to believe that there is a chance. There isn’t any.

I do not wish to say that the Bureaux of Pension Advocates fall under the same roof, well under the same roof they are but I mean that they are trying to throw a monkey wrench into the mixer. Then again they have no choice and must follow the VRAB rules which will not be found in any law book that is taught to Lawyers. The very fact that they try very hard to discourage the Veteran from attending their own Appeal and that the Veteran themselves is not allowed to say anything, even when VAC, DAD, or the VRAB themselves add new and unchallenged evidence to the the file, is against Natural Law. They can and do listen to all what they give the Advocate time (between interruptions) to present to them, adjourn and then add their own (secrete, unchallenged and un-presented) evidence before making a ruling which is final and binding.

You can take it to the Federal Court of Appeals but regardless of what the court sais VRAB do not have to change their decision. As for the Legion, it may not be their fault but they are relegated to filling out the papers and have no say in the matter.

Told in a very short manner, if Ottawa sais no to Chemical Defoliants used in CFB Gagetown, DU, Burn pits, Gulf War Syndrome and our nuclear Veterans, then both the VAC and VRAB can not award a pension for Chemical Defoliants used in CFB Gagetown, DU, Burn pits, Gulf War Syndrome and our nuclear Veterans and that goes for any other veterans medical issue which may arise. Basically if Ottawa wishes to save money all they have to say is NO to anything.
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