Author Topic: READER’S CORNER Vets versus jets?  (Read 903 times)

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READER’S CORNER Vets versus jets?
« on: April 01, 2012, 06:20:00 PM »
READER’S CORNER Vets versus jets?

Thu, Aug 11 - 4:55 AM

Is it not totally unacceptable that "homeless" and "veterans" are words combined in the same shocking headline (Aug. 6)? It is equally shocking that Canadian veterans are collecting soon-to-be-abandoned pennies in order to fund appropriate housing for these struggling survivors of military service. The federal government offers platitudes about how much it cares for our heroes and yet will spend $35 billion on fighter jets while veterans sleep under bridges and eat at soup kitchens. It’s shameful.

The need for transitional housing has been clearly identified. The small group of volunteer vets who have been dealing directly with those on the streets should not also be burdened with trying to raise the funds to open a safe house. That is the responsibility of the government that sent these Canadians into situations which have damaged them so severely. An excellent prototype, Cockrell House, operates in Victoria, B.C., and a similar facility is needed in HRM. Plenty of volunteers who care about these veterans are willing to help, but who will provide the funds to buy, renovate or build a suitable house? Collecting pennies will take too long and the need is urgent now. How can we convince Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and Steven Blaney to put a goodly sum of money where their mouths are?

Janet Maybee, Sheet Harbour
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