Author Topic: D Day Vigil 2013 motivator... why are we fighting?  (Read 1800 times)

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D Day Vigil 2013 motivator... why are we fighting?
« on: March 22, 2013, 10:53:55 AM »

D Day Vigil 2013 motivator... why are we fighting?

The Lump Sum Award continues to be the primary objective, a priority established through the recognition of the pain and suffering our modern veterans have endured and the unacceptably disrespectful manner in which our government is treating them as a consequence of the the NVC by comparing the respect accorded to those who fought in World war two and those fight today.

A leg is a leg, a mind is a mind, a soul is a soul... the Sacred Obligation must be restored.

One Veteran, One Standard.

Click on the little play sign on the player when the page op-ens, the radio show wills tart, we are at the beginning, Interview was done from the parking lot of the Econolodge in Ottawa just prior to the long ride home to Niagara... Twas a good week.

...The spirit of this nation is under siege by our government and it is time for all Canadians to step up and demand the One Veteran – One Standard…

…that standard was set in blood, toil, incredible sacrifice, courage and valour…

…as it was in Juno Berach, as it is in the Panjawaii Valley…

...Our kids are our kids are just as brave, they are as courageous, they are patriotic they deserve the same damn standards…

Step up this year, Start planning now. D Day, Parliament Hill, June 6, 1300

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