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Michel Drapeau Law Office

Michel Drapeau Law Office provides a wide range of services focused on federal law with emphasis on Military Law, Freedom of Information (access) and Privacy Law, Wills and Estates Law and Human Rights Law.

Le cabinet juridique Michel Drapeau propose une vaste gamme de services et se spécialise en droit fédéral canadien, notamment les droits militaire, la sécurité publique, ainsi que les droits de la personne, incluant les questions visant le harcèlement et les pratiques discriminatoires ainsi qu'en accès à l'information, le droit à la vie privée.

Bravo Zulu

Bravo Zulu Bravo Zulu originally comes from the Allied Naval Signal Book (ACP 175 series), an international naval signal code adopted after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created in 1949. Whenever something (task/mission) was done well the signal was sent to convey "Well Done" or "Job Well Done."

Bravo Zulu goes out to....

Canadian Army Veterans The Canadian Army Veterans (The C.A.V.) is a national brotherhood of Canadian Army, Air Force and Navy Veterans who are motorcycle enthusiasts. They volunteered and earned Canadian Forces qualifications, we served in regiments, on bases and ships in Canada and overseas. Now we volunteer mounted on motorcycles across Canada, supporting each other and our communities in charity rides and events.

Their assistance and support has been greatly appreciated, especially the support during the national protests of November 2010.
I would like to offer a Bravo Zulu to Jeff Rose–Martland and the ladies and gents from

Jeff was one of the first patriots to answer the call to protest back in September of last year and on behalf of led the Newfoundland contingent during the Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest. Jeff organized a large rally in St. John's Newfoundland and joined thousands of veterans across the nation demanding an end to the lump sum payment, the widows tax, the reduction in pension at age 65, the SISIP clawback, Agent Orange, and more...

The CVA takes this special opportunity to thank Gary, John, Craig and Jim for their outstanding efforts in heading-up this important project. We are very proud to raise money through the CVA Pennies for Veterans campaign and hope to be able to provide sufficient funding to facilitate this program and provide monetary assistance for homeless veterans projects in Halifax, Montréal and Calgary.

Mike Blais, Hon. Peter Miliken (Equitas Society)
Centre Block of House of Commons - 23 June 2013)