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Please read our Facebook and Information Repository Code of Conduct.
Information Repository


Michel Drapeau Law Office

Michel Drapeau Law Office provides a wide range of services focused on federal law with emphasis on Military Law, Freedom of Information (access) and Privacy Law, Wills and Estates Law and Human Rights Law.

Le cabinet juridique Michel Drapeau propose une vaste gamme de services et se spécialise en droit fédéral canadien, notamment les droits militaire, la sécurité publique, ainsi que les droits de la personne, incluant les questions visant le harcèlement et les pratiques discriminatoires ainsi qu'en accès à l'information, le droit à la vie privée.

Facebook Group and Information Repository
Code of Conduct

The Facebook group is an important feature of our organization. We strive to provide a supportive online community for current members and veterans of the CF, RCMP and other police services. We also recognize the importance of their families and friends and we support and welcome all who are concerned with the issues faced by our community.

In general, we encourage participants to speak freely and express their opinions openly – but tactfully. However, there are certain behaviors that will not be tolerated. Posts that violate our rules will be deleted (the admin will state their intention and then proceed). Repeating offenders will be banned.

  1. Abide by the one veteran, one standard principle. Do not create division among veterans.

  2. Respect the intent of the post and limit comments to the subject of the post. We recognize that conversations within a post build community and establish relationships. We will grant some leeway so long as the threads do not completely derail.

  3. We also recognize the pressures and stressors impacting members of this group. We are sensitive to this, within reason, and will do our best to support you.

  4. If you are in immediate crisis, please contact your local crisis hot-line, your family doctor, supportive friends or family or go to your nearest emergency room.

  5. A duplicate post in the group or on the page, if noticed, will be deleted. If there are comments in duplicate posts, both posts will remain.

  6. Do not post comments that defame, abuse, or threaten others.

  7. Any comments that may be viewed as racist or sexist will be evaluated within the context of the post. If the comment is not constructive or relevant to the post it will be deleted. Comments that some might consider sexist may only be friendly banter between participants. Some leeway will be granted in this respect, within reason.

  8. We will permit a degree of profanity, but try to keep it in-check.

  9. Members can participate in either official language but we cannot provide translation.

  10. We do not permit private messages to be "cut-and-pasted" into a discussion thread unless the "poster" has explicit permission from the originator of the private message.

  11. Please ensure a friendly atmosphere to new members.

  12. Absolutely no solicitation.

Serving members, veterans, their families and friends face many challenging issues when dealing with Veterans Affairs Canada and the DND/CF. Our community also deals with other military, legal and health-related concerns. We do not want to impose restrictions on topics but sometimes it will be necessary for the "poster" of a topic or link to provide a comment demonstrating the relevance of a post. If it becomes clear that the post relates to the group, the topic will be permitted. If not, a group administrator may announce their intention to delete a post and provide a brief reason why it is to be deleted. If there are concerns participants must contact the administrator by private message.

This group exists because of its members. We depend on you to help us foster a supportive environment. Administrators are not always aware of every thread or post. If you read something you believe violates this code of conduct, please report the post to an admin.

The Facebook Group is not a forum for blatant political activism. We are politicized only to the extent necessary to achieve our objectives.

This code is subject to change without notice. Every reasonable effort will be made to inform group members of these changes.

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