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CVA Warning Order. Operation Basil McAllister

Fredericton Courthouse, April 9, 0830-1030 hrs

The issue of Agent Orange compensation is one of the founding principles of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy and we have steadfastedly attempted to reform the profoundly inadequate parameters of the government ex gratis payment to those affected and championed compensation for all veterans who were exposed not only to Agent Orange, but a variety of toxic defoliant colours that were used at CFB Gagetown for several decades.

The McAllister case, tragically, defines the serious, oft time catastrophic generational consequences of AO exposure and we hope that Mr McAllister's plight will motivate the public to rally behind veterans who have been exposed to this deadly toxin and have yet to receive the assistance or compensation for their pain and suffering that they deserve.

Mr McAllister has prostate cancer that has spread to his bones, type 2 diabetes… since exposure, his wife and family have been ravaged with serious health issues inclusive of seizures, strokes, major bowel issues. How many generations of Agent Orange victimized families will suffer, how many will die who have been deliberately excluded from the justice they deserve?

Mr. McAllister plight exposes another grave flaw, one that highlights the difficulties many veterans have experienced in attempting to seek VAC recognition of their pain and the department consequential obligations to them and their families. Having been accorded the ex gratis payment, Mr McAllister appealed to Veterans Affairs Canada's support FIVE times, all he wanted was to be treated fairly and be provided the same supplementary pension that many of those he served shoulder to shoulder at the time were provided.

Unlike them, however, Mr McAllister was denied.

Veterans and Canadians must ask themselves, how can they possible trust Veteran Affairs Canada's Agent Orange system of adjudication under such circumstances? Mr McAllister has the application forms from ten successful candidates, veterans who performed the same tasks, at the same place, at the same time???? How many others been denied by this unjust system, how many were to sick, to finically impoverished after years of illness, died without a fight?

One Veteran - One Standard. When of two -or a group- of Canadian soldiers, working side by side by side, shoulder to shoulder in the same toxic environment, are not treated equally as a consequences of their acknowledged exposure, is not the entire system corrupt?

I have spoken to Mr McAllister, for a man of 82 suffering from prostate and bone cancer, I admire his spirit and am committed to assisting on all levels, including pro-active veterans advocacy. Basil has accepted our offer to provide CVA support during the next and any future court appearances and Tom Beaver, CVA Team Leader- New Brunswick, has taken on the mantle of being our primary organizer. BZ, my brother in arms. Tom's contacts will be attached to the end of the Warning Order and I would encourage supportive veterans and patriots in the Fredericton/Gagetown region interested in participating to contact him at your earliest convenience to inform him of your intentions so that we can be adequately prepared.

Current plan, subject to change as the situation evolves.

CVA Operation Basil McAllister will proceed on two, concurrent fronts and will commence with an RV/meet and greet in front of the courthouse at 0830 hrs, April 9th, 2013. The Humanitarian Ops Team – Alpha Group- will attend the court proceedings and escort Mr McAllister and his wife to and from the courthouse. This is important, there will be national press, Canadians must see that they are not alone, that this problem is not limited to an individual, but that many are affected.

The Vigilance Ops TeamBravo Team - will remain outside of the courthouse and conduct a peaceful vigil designed to draw public attention to the plight of all Agent Orange victims, the multi-generational consequences on their families and the disrespectful manner in which this government has ignored their plight.

Alpha Group – The Alpha Group will provide an escort for the family, be the primary presence in the courthouse and be seated in the gallery behind Mr and Mrs McAllister. Veterans are encouraged to wear regimental/association blazers, medals and berets and at all times, demonstrate the utmost respect for the judge, the court and its officers. Due the press coverage we hope to generate on a national level, it is vital that our uniforms are as impeccable as is our deportment. Your presence will provide a powerful visual impact.

Bravo Group –The Bravo Group primary objective will to be raise public awareness of the unacceptable manner in which Mr McAllister has been treated and, equally important, the ongoing fight for justice thousands of veterans and DND employees who served in CFB Gagetown but were excluded from the highly restrictive seven day compensation period. Supporters are encouraged to make your own signs with the theme Agent Orange- JUSTICE SUPPRESSED IS JUSTICE DENIED or AO- Justice for One, Justice for all.

Interim period. While providing humanitarian support and proactive vigil ops at the local level, it is our intent to approach this on a national basis and use this event to promote legislative reform to the government exclusionary and yes, discriminative policies on Agent orange and other Rainbow defoliants Canada's sons and daughter were exposed to a consequence of their service. I would encourage veterans to share this warning order and future Operation Basil McAllister Situation Reports through your respective communications networks.

Our duty is clear, the time for veterans and loyal Canadians in Fredericton, Gagetown and beyond to rally to the patriot's call, to take a couple of hours on the morning of April 9th to stand beside and behind our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this terrible tragedy, who have yet to be acknowledged by the very government responsible for the terrible, multi-generational pain and suffering they and their families are experiencing today.

Whether you served or not, on April 9th, you can make a difference. Together, WE can make a difference and our message to the Harper Government of Canada seeking justice for all will be heard not only in Fredericton, but across the nation.

Tom's contacts are and/or 506 472 1844

One Veteran, One Standard.

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ont, Cda.
L2E 7K6 // 905-357-3306 // Cell 905-359-9247