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Le cabinet juridique Michel Drapeau propose une vaste gamme de services et se spécialise en droit fédéral canadien, notamment les droits militaire, la sécurité publique, ainsi que les droits de la personne, incluant les questions visant le harcèlement et les pratiques discriminatoires ainsi qu'en accès à l'information, le droit à la vie privée.

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Canadians Veterans Long-Term Care

the art of Donald WardThe ministry has no authority or jurisdiction to inspect or enforce long-term-care home standards at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre," said Ontario Health Ministry spokesman, David Jensen.

This is not acceptable. The time has come for veterans in Ontario, and across the nation, to stand up for our brothers and sister in arms requiring long-term care and demand that provincial governments fulfill their sacred obligation to Sunnybrook's veterans and equally importantly, the Ontario tax payer.

Ontario contributes up to $29.2 million of tax payers money to support veterans beds that are, by mandate, regulated provincially. 310 of the beds are classified as complex continuing care beds under provincial legislation.

READ MORE: Veteran ombudsman, Ontario now part of audit of Sunnybrook amid care complaints, by Colin Perkel, Wed, Dec 5, 2012.

As a taxpayer and a veterans advocate, I believe strongly that all funds to veterans issues must be dispersed under the federal or PROVINCIAL MANDATE they were legislated to finance. Furthermore, this money must be fully accounted for and obligatory STANDARDS legislated to ensure that there are no lapses of responsibility through the downloading process. The safe guards, the checks and balances, the sacred obligation to our most vulnerable veterans is not being honoured.

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy will be engaging the Ontario provincial government to encourage them to fulfill their obligation to Ontario’s veterans and I am formally seeking your assistance in generating support amongst our own and other organizations that share concerns about the status of veterans LTC in Ontario. Hopefully, our actions will create a benchmark for reform in other provinces.

Be advised that this problem is not unique to Sunnybrook nor is the problem restricted to federal mandate in the aftermath of downloading the hospitals to provincial authority. The Canadian Veterans Advocacy strongly believes that these facilities should remain veteran centric and be available to all veterans in Ontario, regardless of the era wherein they served.

Lest we forget.

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