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Michel Drapeau Law Office

Michel Drapeau Law Office provides a wide range of services focused on federal law with emphasis on Military Law, Freedom of Information (access) and Privacy Law, Wills and Estates Law and Human Rights Law.

Le cabinet juridique Michel Drapeau propose une vaste gamme de services et se spécialise en droit fédéral canadien, notamment les droits militaire, la sécurité publique, ainsi que les droits de la personne, incluant les questions visant le harcèlement et les pratiques discriminatoires ainsi qu'en accès à l'information, le droit à la vie privée.

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May 7, 2012 CANADA'S SHAME: How our country is failing our veterans (Part I), by Kevin Berry
(Originally posted in November 2011) Former Canadian soldier and Afghanistan veteran, Kevin Berry, recounts details of his tour - Op Athena Roto 0 - his experience with Veterans Affairs Canada and the negative impact of the New Veterans Charter from his personal point of view. This story will appear in two parts. The following is Part One. Read more.
Jan. 6, 2012 Open letter to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, and the Veterans' Ombudsman from Michael Blais.
Minister Steven Blaney and VAC promised veteran Pascal Lacoste and this nation that a Scientific Advisory Committee would be established to investigate various health issues facing veterans. The first item on their agenda was to be depleted uranium. This promise was made in response to Pascal’s hunger strike back in November 2011. Before the Committee could even commence their investigations, Pascal’s claims related to his health issues were denied by VAC. Read more.
Nov. 11, 2011 Remembrance Day Blues
by Michael Blais
Melancholy strikes every year around this time. The sound of heralding bugles and lamenting pipes awaken memories in us of another era in our lives; an era of service to our nation and of intense comradeship never to be enjoyed again. Read more.
Oct. 29, 2011 SIT REP: The CVA participates in the VAC Stakeholders Committee meeting and prepares for the Second Annual National Day of Protest.
We have been very busy this past month participating in the VAC Stakeholders Committee, visiting Veterans Health facilities and preparing for our National Protest on Parliament Hill this coming Saturday.

Get the latest update on our activities and the Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest
Oct. 3, 2011 SIT REP: The Canadian Veterans Advocacy achieves non-profit status and announces its official Board of Directors.
The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is pleased to announce we now have "non-profit" standing. The CVA is in the process of adjusting its bank account to reflect this new status. The CVA directors are Mike Blais, as founder and President, along with Joseph Burke and Stephane Hebert. Mr. Douglas Clark is the Chief Executive Officer/Director of Veterans Services. This is an important milestone in the development of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy. Anyone who is interested in joining the CVA or supporting our efforts are encouraged to to do so now. You can be assured that all funds accrued through membership and kit shop sales will be completely dedicated to improving the quality of care to our wounded warriors.
Sept. 14, 2011 SIT REP: Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest, 5 November 2011
Veterans and Canadian patriots will be gathering once again at their Member of Parliament’s offices or making the veterans pilgrimage to Parliament Hill on November 5th to address the consequences the New Veterans Charter has imparted on Canada’s sons and daughters who have suffered the consequences of war on Canada’s behalf.

Get the latest update on the Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest.
Aug. 24, 2011 SIT REP: Post - Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous Update
The CVA has been very active in the aftermath of the 1st Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous which took place this past July. We are currently engaged at several levels: During the past month we have dispatched representation to the CAVUNP Peacekeeping Day parade in Hamilton, travelled to Parkwood Veterans Hospital in London and to Hamilton to attend the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry’s Dieppe memorial service.

Get the latest updates on our activities, including Pennies for Veterans, VETS Canada, Equitas Disabled Veterans Funding Society, the SISIP Clawback and more.